Vocation Vacations - Test Drive a Second Career Before Jumping into One

As you near retirement, or have reached it, perhaps you are realizing that playing golf or boating for the next thirty years could get a little bit boring and instead you might want to stay productive by continuing to work but in a different field, doing something that maybe as a young adult you thought was out of reach or might not pay enough. Perhaps you once dreamed of becoming a Broadway producer or a ship's captain, but life being what it is, you become an accountant or an administrator instead (and there is nothing wrong with that).

Now, though, you have the time to explore other options, but what should be your second career? What is your passion, the thing you would most like to do? Maybe you would like to teach, but chances are you will have to obtain a teaching certificate, and that usually requires some expensive post-graduate work. Maybe you would like to offer charter fishing tours off of the coast of Cabo, but that would most likely require buying a boat and perhaps moving to Cabo (okay, not such a bad thing). Instead of trying this and that, and spending time and money in the process, you might want to actually test drive some second careers before jumping into them, letting you figure out what you really want to do. Luckily, there is a website designed just for that purpose, and it is called Vocation Vacations.

Vocation Vacations has dozens of opportunities for you to immerse yourself (for a few days, anyway) in all kinds of careers. Want to see what it is like being a golf pro? Then sign up to spend two days one on one with Mike McGetrick, the PGA National Teacher of the Year, and his staff at the McGetrick Golf Academy in Colorado and learns the ins and outs of teaching others the secrets to a better golf game. Ever wanted to produce and direct a Broadway play? Then spend two days one on one with Tony Award-nominated Broadway producer/director/choreographer Jeff Calhoun and discover what it takes to mount a major theatrical production. Maybe you've thought of owning a dude ranch? If so, sign up for one on one mentoring with Dick Bloomfeldt, owner of the Long Hollow Ranch in Oregon, and spend two days riding horses and roping and wrangling cattle. These are just three of many exciting test drive opportunities.

These vocation vacations usually cost anywhere from $500 to $2,500, depending on the career you choose to test drive. These prices may rival what a normal, longer vacation would cost, but so much more can be gained through a chance to live your dream, particularly if it gives you the impetus to turn your dream into a reality and your passion into a second career that could last 20 years or more.

Visit Vocation Vacations at www.vocationvacations.com. To get a quick idea of the careers offered for testing, click on Dream Job Search Finder on the right side of the page.